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Bodrum Retreat consists of several properties in the Dirmil area of Yalikavak, on the peninsula of Bodrum.

There are 3 Suites, high in the hills, with magnificent views across the Aegean and on clear days, one can easily see the Island of Samos in Greece. The suites are perfect for couples, or an extended family.  Each year, we have requests to book all suites for family and/or close friends. The suites are all furnished with comfortable furniture, art, and bedding, as well as kitchenettes, and all have access to courtyards. There are several tables strategically placed outside. 

Our Village House, is in the village of Dirmil, high above other houses with great sea views. 

100 meters below Bodrum Retreat is another property. A quaint, stone village cottage overlooking 3000 meters of vineyard planted with a variety of wine grapes. This property will be available in 2022.

Yalikavak is becoming more popular than elsewhere on the peninsula. Its harbor is surrounded by restaurants and bars. Within walking distance of the old harbor, is the new sophisticated and luxurious Palmarina. The Marina is home to many large yachts and is also visited by yachts from all over the world in summer.  It has many upmarket shops and several world-famous restaurants and cafes.  A seaside 2,500 seat Amphitheatre, during the summer months, is used for fashion shows, open-air concerts, etc.  

Only 18 km away from Bodrum Town center, on the northwestern tip of the Bodrum Peninsula, Yalikavak has grown in size over recent years but remains still very much a place where the permanent inhabitants, welcome holidaymakers at their unique village breakfast businesses.

A treat, not to be missed.

From a base at Bodrum Retreat, one can see scores of archaeological sites during day trips. Restaurants abound on the peninsula and we have not only Aegean Cuisine, but also tastes from the exotic east of Turkey as well as many well-known local and international western restaurants. Bodrum peninsula is home to many 5 star international hotels.

We think Bodrum, out of season, is truly the best-kept secret in the Aegean region.

Although Bodrum is known worldwide as a summer resort, the peninsula is also ideal for Fall, Winter, and Spring visits as, in those seasons, heating is included in the pricing and warm bedding duvets provide exceptional comfort. Many restaurants have fireplaces and without crowds of tourists, the cuisine is at its best. Scores of historical sites are uniquely yours for the day. Jazz, theater, festivals including the famous and medieval camel wrestling matches within the Aegean area will keep you busy. Flights to Turkey from North America, Asia, and European countries are at their lowest price and Bodrum is just a 55-minute flight from exciting Istanbul. 




Herakleia Suite

One enters the Herakleia residence via a 19C  Ottoman door, from the extensive stone patio surrounding the house. A three meter wide sliding door (with screen) also opens to the courtyard. 

Double queen bed in Japanese tatami style, with orthopedic mattress, is tucked into a Roman alcove within the room. Flat screen TV, DVD, satellite TV, International and local channels and Wi-Fi. Wood, antique dining table and chairs for eating in the room. Reading sofa and antique lounge chair. 

Antique cabinet for clothes storage. Unique, Ottoman style kitchenette includes all necessary tableware and cooking accessories.  Undercounter fridge, electrical grill, Microwave, gas stove, etc. 

Bathroom equipped with 19th C. Ottoman marble sink and rain shower.

Labranda Suite

One enters the loft style residence via stone stairs from the extensive stone patio surrounding the house. The East facing wall, has small triangle, colored glass windows, that play the effects of the morning sun on the interior walls in a pleasing moving display. Double queen bed. Flat screen TV, DVD, satellite TV, international and local channels and Wi-Fi. Antique ebony 19th C.wood dining table and antique coffee shop chairs for eating in the room. Antique lounge chair. Antique 19th C Korean dressing cabinet for clothes storage. Traditional antique pine reproduction of an Aegean kitchenette. All necessary tableware and cooking accessories. Under counter fridge, grill, gas stove, etc. Bathroom equipped with 19th C. Ottoman marble sink and rain shower.


Iassus Suite

The Iassus residence is quite private. One enters the residence via an antique, Bodrum, pine carved door, from the extensive stone patio surrounding the house. Through this door, one enters the pine wood/glass room. This room is made from recycled, accordion style, pine wood doors mounted with clear glass in the upper half of each door. There is good light in this room. Antique rosewood dining table with 2 (or more) antique chairs  and a sofa bed.  Overhead fan and a large original, trompe l'oeil painting from Goa, complete the picture. The other living space is two steps up on the far side of this room. To the left is a great kitchen and to the right is an antique Indian day bed for viewing TV, then a double bed, clothes storage then finally, though a passage, the bathroom. The view from this room is North and West which is the direction of the surrounding countryside, the Aegean and the Greek Islands. On a clear day you can see Samos Island, in Greece. Immediately below the cottage is a large field of lavender. The intimate outside dining area hosts a dining table and all around, is rose garden. This house is perfect for a couple (we have had families of 3 and 4 stay here) or joined with Herakleia and Labranda, presents an opportunity for a large family reunion. It is the largest of the 3 suites.


Village House

Private, classic Bodrum village house & private pool. View of hills and Aegean Sea. This village house is of traditional stone, with 50 cm (20 inch) thick walls and built mid-20th century. It is located in Gokcebel village. Standing high and above the other houses in the village allows views of the mountains, the sea. The sunset is unobstructed and superb. The location on the North side of the Peninsula affords cool breezes. The house has an extensive veranda/patio where one can relax or have a slow meal while taking in the views. Entering the house, to the left, is the Living Room with 'L' shaped traditional, 60cm, padded, village seating. A small child can sleep here. The kitchenette adjoins. To the right, is the master bedroom. then you enter a small dressing room leading to the bathroom. We have accommodated more than 2 persons.  Original artwork and antiques throughout. This is a house to use as a base for exploring the area around Bodrum or for simply relaxing.  Major supermarkets (6) are within a few hundred meters walk from the house. There is a private road to the property with a private entrance to the house. This is a stand-alone property and not part of any apartment type complex.

Vineyard Cottage (not available 2021)

Old, beautiful, carefully renovated, village cottage, located in Gokcebel village on a private, boutique vineyard. Constructed of stone, 50 cm (20 inch) walls. Originally built early-20th century. 

Beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and the antique hills nearby where a Castle stood 3000 years ago. Nice walks to this castle and other beautiful spots nearby. The location on the North side of the Peninsula affords cool breezes. The house has an extensive veranda/patio where one can relax or have a slow meal while taking in the views. Writing a book or want to chill out? This is it!

Entering the Cottage: One enters the main door to the living room. There is an antique bed, antique chair and other furniture. With the cottage door open, you see the view from bedside. This room is fitted with Turkish antiques/carpets, CD/VCD player and a marvelous antique wooden carved ceiling. Good lighting, shelf space, etc. There is a Bodrum bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. Kitchenette with stove top, Mini fridge, toaster, utensils and dishes, glasses, cups. Linens/towels provided,  private pool fed by well water. Traditional Turkish Ottoman water fountain, next to the patio as well as extensive seating areas for existing dining table (4) and chaise lounge (2). Most of the large patio is shaded by old trees. 



AMFI House (Final stage with preliminary photos May 2001)

A 100 sq. meter (1000sq. feet) loft-like apartment Constructed of natural local stone, 50 cm (20 inches) walls.  

Beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and the antique hills nearby where a Castle stood 3000 years ago. Nice walks to this castle and other beautiful spots nearby. The location on the Northside of the Peninsula affords cool breezes. The house has an extensive veranda/patio where one can relax or have a slow meal while taking in the views. A wide stone walkway leads to the roof of the apartment where an amphitheater for 60 persons is located. Perfect for relaxing, Yoga, and seeing the amazing views of the Aegean.

Writing a book or just want to chill out? This is it!

The entire front face of the building is sliding glass doors with mosquito screens. The ceiling is 4 meters high with 2 modern fans.

On the left, as you enter is a modern kitchen with a stove, oven, and also a dishwasher. The large refrigerator will handle all your needs.

The filter coffee unit and Nespresso machine are located on the counter.

Everything needed to provide meals is included. Toaster, utensils, dishes, glasses, cups. Linens/towels provided,

Adjoining the kitchen cabinets is an antique east Indian cabinet used as a kitchen workbench  


An antique dining table and rustic rosewood chairs.

An "L" shaped high-quality divan

An antique rosewood grinding stone table becomes the place to place your gin-tonics.

A low antique carved Rajasthani chair waits for a guest.

At the rear of the divan is an 18th-century rosewood carved door


A circa 1900 English wine cabinet

A 4 meter, early 20th C. Teak intricately carved wall from Kudus in Central Java becomes an elegant separator between living space and the bedroom

An 18th Century elephant saddle retrofitted with plush cushions for lounging

A circa 1880 English, Brass, king size bed

Two walnut, bedside, cabinets hold a pair of table lamps made from 18th C. Gujarati coat hangers.

A Pera, old Istanbul, carved oak chest holds a Chinese porcelain lamp

Outside Patio:  you will find a 19C Gujarati dining table and chairs. Chaise Lounge Chairs and Sun umbrella.

Two meters below the extensive natural stone patio is a large organic garden where we produce much of what we need in winter and summer. As a guest, you are welcome.

An alternative escape is the stone patio shaded by our olive tree where we have created a lovely place to escape for a meal or simply to watch the sunset.



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